Lynn Kirkland, Author.


Lynn Kirkland is on her journey of creating a destined life with her heart filled with gratitude for the blessings that have occurred through connections made at times in her life. Lynn lives in New Zealand on the opposite side of the world to where “My Italian Destiny” takes place.

She believes that her connection with the Italian family who sheltered her father, an English soldier, during the Second World War was “meant to be”, and this connection has united two families with a bond that will never be broken. This connection now spans four generations.


My Italian Destiny is an autobiographical account of Lynn’s destined journey, and it comes from the heart. And from an early age Lynn loved to record experiences with her camera. Starting at seven with a Box Brownie, right up to the digital age, Lynn has felt it important to record significant people and places in her life. An important part of this story are photos spanning decades, allowing the reader to connect on a deeper level with the players in the story of Lynn’s “Italian Destiny”.


Lynn's is currently working on her second book which is eagerly awaited by readers all over the world. She combines her writing with her other passions including gardening and reading. Lynn is also a herbalist and founded The Herb Farm company in 1993, which her daughter Sarah now runs.

Lynn also looks after her two grandchildren Taj and Sia and loves nurturing these little souls. 













Bob Rogers, Co-author.


Part of 'My Italian Destiny' is written in Lynn's father’s words to honour his legacy in sharing his remarkable story, which has had such an influence on her life. Bob Rogers was a man who loved life and made heart connections with people wherever he went.


Bob wrote his own book 'Sixty Bonus Years' which is a enthralling tale for his war-time experiences, written with honesty and optimism it is a wonderful read for all. Bob's book can also be purchased on this site.